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Split VAT payment stalls in the Chamber of Deputies

USR submitted 5,000 amendments to the split VAT law. It means 821 pages of amendments that have to be read, debated and voted in the committees and the plenary. “We can’t stop them, but we can at least make their lives harder when they steal the chance of a normal life in our country”, one USR MP explained. The debate lasted over 7 hours in the Budget Committee last week and has been stopped at the article no. 3 of the GEO.

“We postponed the term until Monday (December 4th), when we will have a special sitting for the finalising of the grounded report. Should we not find out a solution for passing a GEO by a bill, then the GEO on split VAT payment will remain in the Gov’t version and will enter into force as of January 1st 2018. It is not a proper solution to amend the GEO on the split VAT payment through another GEO. I believe that we can find out solutions and make the GEO functional by law on passing the Gov’t document”, stated Viorel Stefan, the chairman of the Budget Committee after the sitting from last Tuesday.

The Chamber of Deputies’ Budget Committee decided last week to maintain the Senate’s amendments in regard that GEO’s provisions to be mandatory only for the companies with debts to VAT payment or being in insolvency, but increased the ceiling for the debts for whom companies are obliged to pay VAT split. In the Chamber of Deputies version, there are obliged to open and use at least one count for split VAT payment companies which would register at December 31st 2017 the tax debts of 15,000 lei for large companies, 10,000 lei for medium companies and 5,000 lei for another companies.

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