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The censure motion against Gov’t Grindeanu has passed

The vote in the plenary session

  • 248 votes expressed

  • 241 votes „for” the motion of no confidence

  • MPs from PSD, ALDE and other minorities voted „for” the motion

  • The parliamentary opposition - PNL, USR and PMP didn’t vote

  • UDMR (the Hungarian Minorities’ party) didn’t atend to the plenary session

According to Article 113 from the Constitution, Prime Minister and the Cabinet are dismissed. The constitutional procedures to form a new Government will start.

For the first time since 1989, a government was dismissed by a censure motion, which was filed by the parties that supported it, PSD and ALDE. Thus, the Social Democrats have dropped their own PM and own ministers.

Next steps

  • PSD-ALDE have an absolute majority to form the new Government.

  • The parliamentary majority must present the President Klaus Iohannis with a new proposition for PM. Till this moment, no official candidate name for PM has appeared in the public space.

  • President Klaus Iohannis will begin as soon as possible, after returning in the country from the official visits, the negotiations with all parties to designate the new PM. Consultations at Cotroceni have been announced to be held on Monday, June 26th.

  • There are small chances for the future PM appointed to come from the parliamentary opposition, because he will not have enough votes for the validation of the new cabinet in Parliament.

  • President Klaus Iohannis has stated so far that he will respect the constitutional procedures and will only appoint a righteous PM.

  • The designated PM will have 10 days to present the government program to the Parliament, the ministers team and ask for the parliamentarians' trustworthy vote.

  • It is expected that the new PM will be a very close person to PSD Chairman Livid Dragnea.

  • Ministers who have not resigned from the Government Grindeanu will have their interim office until the presidential decrees of the new ministers are signed.

  • The ministers who resigned have no leadership powers. The activity of ministries is ensured by state secretaries.

  • PSD-ALDE will come up with a credible PM proposal, in order to be accepted by President Klaus Iohannis from the start, to shorten the negotiations period. It is possible that the new Cabinet will be validated in Parliament in June 26-30, until the start of the parliamentary holiday.

  • Rovana Plumb (European Funds), Sevil Schaidehh (Development), Carmen Dan (Internal), Olguța Vasilescu (Work), Mihai Tudose (Economics) could be part of the future executive.

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