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ANRE Investigative commission

Last Tuesday, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea announced that the ruling coalition had approved the request of PM Mihai Tudose to set up an investigative commission to look into ANRE. PM Mihai Tudose added that certain issues were identified and the Gov’t requested the Parliament to start an investigation into electricity pricing.

  • The establishment of a commission was to be approved on Wednesday, during the joint session of the two chambers of the Parliament, according to official statements, but the issue had only been discussed in the Standing Bureaus of the Chamber of Deputies and of the Senate and was not included on the joint session agenda.

  • As a result, the setting of the parliamentary commission that will investigate ANRE’s activity was postponed for the current week.

The hidden side of the issue

  • In its Tuesday ruling, PSD and ALDE also approved a 60-day extension of the investigation of a parliamentary commission that is looking into the 2009 presidential election and also greenlighted the establishment of a commission on SIPA (the former intelligence service of the Ministry of Justice)...

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