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Vaccination bill Opportunities and risks analysis


The idea of a vaccination bill has been circulated for at least two years in the public space, in various forms.

The increasingly lower rate of vaccination coverage for vaccines included in the national calendar of vaccination, below the 95% recommended by the World Health Organization, and the increased number of measles cases nationwide, resulting in 21 deaths by this point, were the main reasons to put into public debate the bill and to start the legislative procedure.

Press conference for launching the bill (11 April 2017, Ministry of Health)

Sensitive topic:

The offense of ill-treatment applied to the underaged, to which the present bill reffers to (regulation harmonized with the Law no. 272/2004 on the protection and promotion of children's rights).


  • Awareness and educating campaigns

  • TGVAC has the following responsibilities, according to article 10 paragraph (5):

l) Contributes to informing the population on public information regarding the vaccination activity on national level and prevention measures by vaccination;

n) Evaluates information appeared in public space regarding the vaccination activity and collaborates with media for correct informing of the public;

o) Proposes the Ministry of Health awareness, education and communication campaigns on vaccination;

Opportunity: The potential to achieve partnerships with TGVAC and the National Institute of Public Health in order to promote awareness and education campaigns, thus becoming a responsible partner in relation to MoH.

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