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PSD crisis - the motion of no confidence

On Thursday, 15 June, PSD Executive Committee (CEX) expelled PM Grindeanu from the party. Sorin Grindeanu had been a PSD member for 21 years. CEX also voted to expel from the party anyone who would agree to join a future Grindeanu cabinet should the current PM start to form a new team.

  • PSD leader Liviu Dragnea announced on Thursday that the Social-Democrats will move for a vote of no confidence on Monday, 19 June, with the vote scheduled for Wednesday, 21 June, in a joint session of the two houses of the Parliament.

  • The motion will be written by PSD secretary general and honorary advisor to PM Grindeanu, Marian Neacsu.

  • To pass, the motion of no confidence against Sorin Grindeanu needs a simple majority in the Parliament, that is, 233 “for” votes.

  • In theory, PSD and ALDE have such a majority – the current tally shows 244 PSD and ALDE MPs. But the most important player is now UDMR, which has 30 MPs; the party has signed a collaboration protocol with the ruling coalition, but its officials have so far declined to say how their MPs will vote. The motion against the government is very likely to pass…

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