Legislative proposal on the taxation of food and beverages with a high sugar content

PSD Deputy Costel Lupașcu wants an additional tax on foods and drinks with a high sugar content, saying he is worried about the alarming increase in the number of obese children.

“I am thinking of a law for overcharging foods and beverages with a high sugar content. There are such regulations in the United States, Great Britain, France and other states. The World Health Organization recommends that all countries apply such a tax. There is also evidence that such measures have led to lower consumption of these products. Obviously, before initiating a legislative proposal, I will consult with the other party colleagues and the PSD Group of the Chamber of Deputies.” (press release, 5 May 2017)

Costel Lupașcu

  • Born in 17 July 1976, in Dărăbani, Botașani county

  • He is at his first deputy mandate. Member of the Health and Family Committee starting April 2017. Previous member of the Foreign Politics Committee. He is co-author of 12 legislative proposals, on administrative subjects.

  • He contributed to the electoral campaign for 2016 parliamentary elections with RON 20,000 (4.444€). He entered the Parliament by redistribution of votes, standing on the 5th position.

Former president of the Health Insurance House in Botoșani

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