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Ministers in the cabinet led by PM Mihai Tudose

  1. Prime-Minister – Mihai Tudose

  2. Vice Prime-Ministers

  3. Minster of Regional Development - Sevil Shaideh (PSD)

  4. Minister of Environment - Gratiela Gavrilescu (ALDE),

  5. Vice Prime -Minister who doesn’t lead any ministry - Marcel Ciolacu

  6. Internal Affairs – Carmen Dan

  7. Foreign Affairs - Teodor Melescanu (ALDE)

  8. Defense – Adrian Țuțuianu

  9. Public Finance - Ionuț Mișa

  10. Justice - Tudorel Toader

  11. Agriculture- Petre Daea

  12. Labour - Lia Olguta Vasilescu

  13. Economy - Mihai Fifor

  14. European Funds - Rovana Plumb

  15. Energy - Toma Petcu (ALDE)

  16. Transportations – Răzvan Cuc

  17. Business Environment and SMEs - Ilan Laufer

  18. Health – Florian-Dorel Bodog

  19. Culture - Lucian Romașcanu

  20. Water and Forestation - Doina Pană

  21. Communications - Lucian Șova

  22. Youth - Marius Dunca

  23. Tourism - Mircea Dobre

  24. Education - Liviu Pop

  25. Research - Lucian Georgescu

  26. For Romanians abroad - Andreea Păstârnac

  27. Public Consultations and Social Dialog - Gabriel Petrea

  28. Relation with the Parliament – Viorel Ilie (ALDE)

  29. European Affairs (delegate): Victor Negrescu

The new Govern comes with a new governmental program.

The main provisions are:

  • Prevention Law – to be adopted until October 2017. After implementing, a company won’t be able to be sanctioned if it has not been prevented in advance.

  • Starting January 1st2018, there can only be no more than 50 taxes and fees. For companies, the number of all fees will be no more than 40. The new Gov’t will present the nomenclature of all taxes at latest September 1st 2017.

  • Starting January 1st 2018 the Tax on the Global Incomes will be introduced for all citizens. Incomes lower than Ron 2.000 (€445) will be exempted. In addition, starting next year, the declarations of patrimony become compulsory.

  • Decreasing the VAT from 19% to 18% starting January 1st 2019…

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