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Parliamentary elections partial results. PSD to form the next Government.

In brief

  • Partial results give PSD a comfortable score in general elections in order to nominate the Prime Minister and form the Government alongside with ALDE

  • PNL is the loser of the 2016 parliamentary elections. Lack of leadership leave the Liberals in opposition for the next four years

  • USR has got below 9% at the national level and over 25% in Bucharest and Diaspora. It will try to grow its credibility and grow its popularity in the country

  • PMP will become the loudest opposition voice in the next Parliament, with Traian Basescu trying to regain the Romanians’ trust

  • Dacian Ciolos is likely to return to Bruxelles and give up 100 for Romania development program

Partial results - counting 99% of the votes (6.8 million votes out of 7,212,022)

National level

  • Chamber of Deputies: PSD - 45.9%, PNL - 19.88%, USR – 8.43%, UDMR – 6.35%, ALDE – 5.65%, PMP - 5,06%, and PRU - 2,78%

  • Senate: PSD - 46.09%, PNL - 20.26%, USR – 8.49%, UDMR – 6.36%, ALDE – 6.08%, PMP – 5.33%, PRU – 2.94%

In Bucharest

  • Chamber of Deputies: PSD – 38.46%, USR 25.01%, PNL – 11.96%, PMP - 7.17%, ALDE - 6.17%, PRU – 3.47%, UDMR – 0.20%

  • Senate: PSD - 37.87%, USR - 24.39%, PNL – 12.77%, PMP – 8.83%, ALDE – 7.83%, PRU – 3.51%, UDMR – 0.23%

Diaspora (almost 70,000 votes have been counted out of 103,000 cast)

  • Chamber of Deputies: PNL- 27.88%, USR – 27.86%, PSD – 11.26%, PMP – 18.97%, PRU – 4.20%, UDMR – 3.24%, ALDE – 3.15%

  • Senate: PNL – 27.69%, USR – 27.44%, PMP – 21.49%, PSD – 11.30%, UDMR – 3.13%, PRU – 4.07%, ALDE - 3.20%

  • PSD has got over 50% in 20 counties for the lower chamber and in 22 counties for the upper chamber (Senate).

  • PNL gets near 40% only in Sibiu and exceeds 30% in other three counties: Alba, Arad, Călăraşi.

  • USR has got over 10% in Bucharest, Braşov, Cluj, Ilfov, Sibiu, Iaşi and Timiş.

Political parties in the next Parliament

PSD has got a comfortable score in order to form the next Government alongside with ALDE (52% together, following the counting of 99% of votes). Liviu Dragnea will force President Iohannis (who has announced that he will reject the PM candidate with legal problems) and the current legislative provisions in order to obtain the PM office…

PNL is the biggest loser of these elections. On one hand, it deals with the lack of leadership (current leader Alina Gorghiu is neither charismatic, nor credible), and on the other hand the party is still divided at local branches level (PNL and PDL merger did not successfully end, which led to the poor elections score). According to internal sources, many PNL mayors sabotaged their own party in several Transylvanian counties….

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