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Early Warning and Analyses

Monitoring the relevant legislation initiatives from:

  • Open sources (press, officials reports)

  • Own sources – reliable key contacts

  • Information correlation and drafting trends and actionable reports

Political Intelligence

An informed person makes the right decision.

  • Key stakeholders mapping

  • Direct face to face meetings

  • Rumours scan and assessment

  • Professional reputation audit (on request)













Access and Advocacy

Representation at relevant decision levels:

  • Decision-makers access

  • Public authorities meetings

  • Ethical and professional advocacy

  • Background info for each meeting

Third Party Endorsement

Public officials respond to brands appreciated by the public at large.

  • Experts and opinion leaders involvement in public communication

  • Credibility and legitimacy in the dialogue with authorities

Most of our clients are public companies listed on North American or London stock exchanges.


Therefore, we act with the utmost integrity and good faith in all our interactions with stakeholders, irrespective of level of seniority or whether they are public officials or not.


Only this way can we achieve sustainable results and build a solid ground for the future for our clients and for ourselves.

Effective early warning and mitigation measures regarding unfair tax benefits and other competitive benefits for a market leader in FMCG industry.


Effective lobbying for tax reduction for imported spirits in Romania.

Setting up and managing trade industry associations in the fields of soft drinks, liquefied natural gas, cable communications, mining, advertising, public relations.


Mitigation plan for removing the negative impact of an advertising ban draft law for OTC drugs – law returned by President to Parliament, currently rejected in the lower chamber.


Advocacy on behalf of many multinational companies for promoting a fair and favorable legislative and business environment, aligned to the EU and international standards and practices.

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